Ascension St. Vincent Urgent Care - Epworth

Canvas Collage Art Installations

Waiting rooms and doctor appointments can be a source of stress or anxiety for some patients. I was commissioned to create a six-foot artwork that connects the viewer of any age.

Creating a focal piece built of hundreds of tiny images engage the viewer to keep looking deeper. I integrated local photographs to connect the viewer with familiar attractions and landmarks close to home.

The first collage was well received and I was commissioned to create two more unique pieces. One integrated Evansville Northside photography for the Northside Crossing location and one for the Urgent Care - Westside location.

The artwork was commissioned by Jackson Begley Art Consultants. The Epworth Eastside local photography was by Jordan Barclay Photography, Northside Photography by Joycelyn Todisco Studio, Westside was a combination of both Jordan and Joycelyn’s Photography.